A Little About Me

What you should know

I admit it: I’ve always been an organization geek. Even as a little girl playing ‘clubhouse’ with my friends, I was the one who’d want to set up shop and arrange things in a way that made sense before we even started playing!

Out of college in the early 90’s, while managing my family’s restaurant, I embraced my unofficial role as Organizer-in-Chief. I optimized the layout of the physical spaces in the restaurant (kitchen, storage room, back office, etc.) to allow for the most efficient work flow. But I didn’t stop there. I also organized virtual space as I oversaw the installation of our point-of-sale system and implemented what later became a passion of mine: QuickBooks.

Since the days of getting my family’s restaurant organized, I’ve helped a number of small businesses, organizations, and individuals optimize their workspaces and whip their ‘numbers’ into shape by getting them on QuickBooks.

What you might like to know

I’m at heart a Midwest girl who grew up in South Florida, and now I love living in Charlotte, NC with my husband and our adopted animals. (You can see two of them—Oscar & Felix—in the photo above.) I’ve moved many times throughout my life, which has forced me to think about the importance of ‘things’ and how you should surround yourself with what you value most.

I’m a wine lover but not a wine snob—I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a fortune to drink a great wine. And I love learning about wine. Once I spent a week working in a winery in Napa Valley for vacation. (On an organizational note, I worked for a couple years in a wine store in Raleigh, NC, where I got them set up on QuickBooks.)

If you’re wondering what the words next to the photos above represent, they represent my Purpose Statement. My husband is an executive coach (here’s a link to his website), and he helped me come up with these words that represent who I am when I’m at my best. I think they align well with the work I do as an organizer and with the way I love to do it:

My purpose is to create order and beauty, and to serve others, while laughing and having fun along the way.

  • QuickBooks Online Setup
  • Virtual Bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks Online Cleanup
  • Home Office Layout & Workflow
  • Small Business Organization
  • Animal Welfare Advocate

My Clients

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