Neatbooks 365

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Leave the categorizing and reconciling to us! We’ll maintain your books, record payroll entries, communicate with your accountant and email customized reports…All while you work on your business. We’re a second set of eyes on your numbers.

Neatbooks Launch

Setup & Organized from the start

We’ll get you organized from the beginning – link your bank accounts, create a customized chart of accounts, setup invoicing, payroll and payment workflows. Our basic training and expert tips and tricks will prepare you to take the reins.

Neatbooks Cleanup

Prepare your books for tax time 

Is your QuickBooks online file a mess? You’ve never reconciled? What is that balance in my undeposited funds account? Your reports are unreliable. We’ll get you caught up and reconciled – your accountant will love you! Your numbers organized! Neat Bookkeeping. Neat Life.

Neatbooks Help Desk

Call or email to set up an appointment today

Why can’t I reconcile? How do I link a new bank account? Why doesn’t the deposit I made show in my checking account? Why is there a balance in undeposited funds? Billed in 15-minute increments. Save time and eliminate headaches. Better Bookkeeping!

Neatbooks Diagnostic

How neat are your numbers

Let us do a 10-point diagnostic review of your books. We’ll identify trouble areas and transactions and accounts needing a tune up. We’ll look for old balances in Undeposited funds, personal transactions recorded in QBO or large negative balances lingering in an account.

Neatbooks Flow and Best Practices

Create a workflow with your industry software

Are you using apps and software that don’t integrate well with QuickBook online? We’ll design a workflow for you to record transactions correctly and more efficiently. We’ll design you daily, weekly and monthly task lists for all the common bookkeeping tasks. Your numbers organized!

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